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BREATHE will provide various opportunities for young people to realise their potential and aims to:

Build an environment where the young people are safe, where they feel they belong and which they have ownership of, and where positive relationships can be developed;

Develop various opportunities in line with the expressed interests of the young people involved. This includes, but is not restricted to, music, sport, and centre based activities;

Involve the young people in the consultation process of Breathe, giving them the opportunity to suggest ideas and facilitating them in carrying out their suggestions wherever possible;

Explore the young people’s views and concepts of community, citizenship (local, national and global), belonging, expression, labelling, categorising, stereotypes and issues of belief, including additional, and entirely optional, opportunities to explore the Christian faith;

Support the young people through transition stages by helping them to access advice and help, while supporting and developing the skills and mentoring roles of the volunteers;

Ensure Breathe is non-prejudiced and open to all young people regardless of religion, race, culture, health, sexuality and politics