SMART Thinking

Smart Thinking Activities to develop moral reasoning and thinking skills about offending and anti-social behaviour By Don Rowe & Amanda Dickson This unique book contains a comprehensive training programme for 10 two-hour sessions on offending and anti-social behaviour, plus ideas and suggestions for further work. Its purpose is to: Encourage the development of moral reasoning and thinking skills among young people Improve their ability to think about moral aspects of everyday life, offending and anti-social behaviour Enhance self-awareness Increase communication skills. The pages are illustrated and photocopiable to provide original group activities and exercises.

SMART Thinking: a 10 unit ( a unit lasts apporox 2 hour) group based intervention for use with young people who are involved in or at risk of being involved in anti-social behaviour, the course aims to Encourage the development of a range of thinking and communication skills, Improve the ability to think about the moral aspects of every day life, Enhance self awareness through increasing the ability to think critically and reflectively and increase the ability to operate in social settings by improving the capacity to interact verbally. We aim to deliver this course to 90 young people in 2008/2009.