Rock Steady

Rock steady is a weekly centre based youth club that introduces young people to our youth work/minis...

Teen Drop In

Our Teen drop-in provides a safe and nurturing space for local teenagers to come and hang out, meet ...

One to One Support

This is an opportunity for a young person to access one to one support from a team member of their c...

Accredited Courses & Other Development Group Work

We deliver a range of accredited courses, in collaboration with Breadalbane Academy & other  D...

Youth Group

Youth Group provides a safe space for young people to explore ideas and encouragement in and around ...

Youth Service

This is our monthly youth and family service, that is led by young people throughout the project, no...
About Breathe

About Breathe

At The Breathe Project, we are all about building a community with everyone involved; young and old, & we strive to deliver both professional youth work and youth ministry.
We aim to provide an environment that is safe, nurturing and loving; this is a constant throughout all our work and allow us to build meaningful relationships. Our youth work approach is person-centred and developing these strong, consistent relationships is key to our successful needs-led youth work model. We engage and support young people between ages 8 - 25, including those involved in risk-taking behaviour, those academically underachieving; many of those who have had adverse childhood experiences.
Over the last 12 years, Breathe has become an instrumental part of life in Highland Perthshire and a lifeline for local young people. We have developed a wide range of opportunities and activities for young people; empowering them by giving them a voice, giving them 'somewhere to go', 'something to do', 'someone to talk to’ and has become a second home and family for many of the young people involved.

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With local authority budgets tightening nationwide, this leaves The Breathe Project as the sole regular provider of youth work in Aberfeldy and its surrounding villages. We believe that youth work and youth ministry is vital to the holistic health and sustainability of the community and would not be possible without the support of those below, and many more.

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